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Dimaxlor has worked on 2 major projects namely – The Ahad and UtSamk. The Ahad is a market research based website while UtSamk is a product review website. Both the projects involved creating aesthetic website designs, brand alignment and awareness driven digital marketing strategies. Dimaxlor believes in dreams and works towards bringing business dreams close to reality.

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We have wide range of domain expertize and certifications to perform website design, digital marketing and branding tasks.


We love what we do. We offer services that we enjoy doing everyday. Dimaxlor has passion for websites, digital marketing and branding.


We are firm believer of cost efficiency and better audience reach. Providing services at affordable costs is our motto. Dimaxlor creats efficiency in every stage of project development.

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Today, most of the consumers do online research before taking a decision. Presence of a website gives you an opportunity to showcase your products or services that are aligned to customer needs.

It gives credibility/Identity to a business, creating trust in customers mind.

A website helps in growth and expansion of business.

Website helps in advertisement of products/services on marketing channels. URL’s of website serve as landing pages for several marketing campaigns for promotion of business.

People can relate/refer your website as their choice of selection.

Websites are flexible. Every aspect of website can be changed for better user experience.

Contact Page, Blogs, FAQ  et cetra on website serve the purpose of availability/support, knowledge sharing and better reach/conversation.

Website can be integrated with other marketing tools for better results.

Please visit our website project The Ahadhttps://theahad.com 

Attention, Interest,  Desire and Action (AIDA) are the most important stages of customers journey.

Clients need to focus on grabbing Attention of their customers by the means of marketing channels . For example a Display Advertisement on Google  can catch the Attention of customer who is searching for a product or service. Customer clicks on the display ad and is directed to client’s website. As the website is designed keeping customers in mind  it generates Interest about the product or service. Sooner, customer starts researching more about the product or service on the client’s website, this is the Desire stage. Finally, customer decides to take an Action by clicking on add to cart/contact button.

These 4 stages of buyers journey are what we need to consider while creating a digital marketing strategy and developing a website.

We can also add another stage i.e  Re marketing stage that helps client bring customer back to their website.Its done by showing ads or sending emails to customers who have visited clients website but have not purchased a product or service or contacted the client.

Google My Business is a tool to connect customers over google search and maps. It showcases your uniqueness and reason to choose you. You can add Photos, Map, Address, Contact Number, Email Id, Website link,Open and Close hours, Customer Ratings and Number of connections to your Business Profile. You can also build a website within GMB and create posts for better visibility and reach.

Google Search Console helps in indexing your website using Google bots/spiders. In simple terms,  Indexing means to read the content on your website and to place your website under a known category of relevant websites. If your website is not indexed it will not appear on google.

Google Search Console helps in checking health of your website (load speed, page errors etc.) , sitemap submissions, links to your website and few other optimizations features. Google Search Console also lets you know about the traffic arriving to your website i.e how many times your site appears on google search, which keyword triggered to show your site and what is the CTR (Click Through Rate  i.e ratio of users who clicked your website link to the number of users who viewed your website link on search page, advertisement or email).

Google Analytics is a website performance measurement tool to monitor incoming traffic from different sources. For example users visiting your website from social media platform like Facebook or Instagram. Email marketing campaigns like Promotion campaigns can be tracked using Google Analytics.

In Google Analytics you will find real time users (who are on your website right now). Incoming Traffic is divided into Audience (based on Age, Gender, Location, Devices etc) , Acquisition ( Organic, Direct, Social,Email, Referral etc), Behavior ( Landing Pages, Exit Page, Events etc) and Goals ( Goals Completed, Goals Conversion Ratio, Goals Value etc).

Recently Google Universal Analytics (Property of Google Analytics)  got an extension in form of Google Analytics 4 (formerly App + Web) which can track traffic for website, an app or both an website and app together for clients.

WordPress is a free and open source software used for building websites or blogs.  It is also referred as a Content Management System written in PHP and paired with a MYSQL or MariaDB database. WordPress powers more than 40% of global websites.

Website projects we build using WordPress : The Ahad and UtSamk

Creatives are images, videos and other formats that assist in marketing activities of an organization. Creatives are used in advertisements for awareness, consideration and conversion. Unique creatives lead to growth and success of a business entity.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a technology to manage Sales, Marketing, Support , HRMS, Administrative and Operation activities of an enterprise. In simple terms it is a single location for Contact Management, Tasks and Projects Management, Leads and Prospect Management, Meetings, Documentations, Email Campaigns, Live Chats and Tickets, Checking Absenteeism, Tracking Deals , Collaboration with other teams and Analytics. CRM helps in managing your relationship with current and potential customers.

There are 4 pricing plans based on client requirements:  Opal, Emerald, Ruby and Diamond. 

Please contact us on +91 8976047606 for more details.

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