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How to build a WordPress website

How to build a WordPress website?

WordPress helps in building aesthetic websites with limited or no coding knowledge. How is it done? Let’s look into it –

What is WordPress?

WordPress is a Free and Open-Source Content Management System (CMS) i.e., Freely available platform to build website using blocks, themes and plugins.

6 Steps to build a WordPress website

I would like to introduce you all to the 6 steps to build a WordPress website that will help you in promoting your brand online.

  1. Domain name
  2. Web Hosting
  3. WordPress Installation
  4. Theme Installation                                
  5. Create Website Pages and Posts
  6. Install plugins

Domain Name

Domain Name is a string of text that maps to a numeric IP address used to access a website. In simple terms it is a unique and easy to remember address used to access websites like and

How it Works?

User types a domain name into the browser window to reach a website. Example: You type in Chrome search bar to reach LinkedIn website. is the Domain Name.

DNS System

Domain Name uses DNS system. Domain Name System (DNS) is the hierarchical and decentralized naming system used to identify computers reachable through internet. In plain English, it is the Phonebook of Internet.

Difference between Domain Name and URL

To simplify the process of registration of a domain name and to avoid confusion we need to understand the difference between domain name and a URL.

Uniform Resource Locator (URL) is the web address that includes domain name, transfer protocol and the path. For example, in the URL , ‘’ is the domain name, ‘https’ is the protocol and ‘/models/’ is the path. So, we can say that the domain name is a subset/part of URL.

Top Level domain

Top Level Domain (TLD) is the final component of a domain name. For example .com in or .edu in

Top Level Domain
Domain Name registration

Though its individual choice, but I would recommend you to purchase domain name from the same web hosting service provider where you would like to host your website. This would be cost effective and if you wish to transfer the domain name to other web hosting provide you can do it easily by asking your new web hosting provider to act on your behalf for domain registration with ICANN.

Infographic explaining domain name registration process

Web Hosting

Web Hosting is a business that offers storage space and access to website at a price.

WordPress software, Themes , Plugins, Images, Videos and other documents are all stored on the servers of web hosting companies. They charge you for the storage, access and safety of your files on their servers.  

I would recommend 5 best web hosting services in India that would cater all your WordPress website building needs. For example, Bluehost is a web hosting service provider which hosts WordPress websites at a price of Rs. 169/month.

6 key features to consider before purchasing a web hosting service
  • Websites Allowed – Check how many websites you can build with a particular hosting plan (Basic plan has 1 website while intermediate to premium plans have unlimited websites)
  • Storage – Check the storage space allowed for building website and storing files (Storage space varies based on the chosen plan from 1 Gb to 100 Gb to Unlimited)
  • Bandwidth – Is the number of visitors allowed on your website on a monthly basis (Basic plan allows 10,000 visitors while premium has unlimited bandwidth)
  • Database – Database is the structured data that can be easily accessed and managed by the user. More database means more space. Check the number of databases allowed. 1 database allows creation of 1 website while 4 database allows 4 websites (1 domain and 3 subdomains or 4 new domains, as per plan).
  • cPanel – A tool designed for website hosting and administration. You need a cPanel for installing software’s and managing the files from backend. Check if cPanel is provided or not?
  • SSL Certificate – Is a digital certificate of website authentication and encrypted connection. It is a proof of secure online communication. Check if SSL is free or paid. Usually, web hosting services offer Free SSL Certificate when you purchase any hosting plan for the first time.

WordPress Installation

After you register a domain name and purchase a web hosting plan, we would install WordPress through cPanel. WordPress installation is one click activity, provided by several web hosting service providers. You have to fill below details before installing the WordPress –

Site Name, Site Description, Admin username, Admin Password, Admin email, Database name, Table Prefix, Email Installation details, Installed WordPress on and Administrative URL.

Note: Default username for WordPress is admin so for security purpose change the username to something complex like NumerounoWP and use alphanumeric password like Mywebsite101201

More than 43% websites around the globe are powered by WordPress. So, you are on the right track. Keep Scrolling..

A Glimpse of WordPress Dashboard – 


Theme Installation

In order to install a theme into WordPress you need to click on Appearance tab on the dashboard then click on Themes. Select Add New and choose a theme from the list within WordPress (use search themes bar for specific theme – image 2) or click on upload theme button and upload a .zip format theme of your choice from outside WordPress (image 3) . I have installed a Neve Theme (image 1).

There are several pre built themes in the WordPress like Twenty Twenty – Two , Hello , Astra etc as shown in the image below. If you do not wish to spend money on purchasing theme then you can select any free starter theme from this list.

image 1
image 2
WordPress upload theme
image 3

Create Website Pages and Posts

After selecting/uploading and installing the WordPress theme, you can start creating website pages and posts. Select Pages/Post tab and click Add New button.


Give a headline to your Website Page/Post, for example “How to build a WordPress website” and start using Block to add columns, images, videos etc. (image 4)  to create an aesthetic website page/post of your choice (Block is an in built feature of WordPress). 

WordPress New Page
image 4

You can also use website builders like Elementor or WP Bakery to create website pages and posts (Elementor or WP Bakery are Plugins used for building WordPress website).

I have used Elementor to create website pages and posts. Click on Edit with Elementor button (image 4). In the next step you will find an Easy to use Drag and Drop editor by Elementor (image 5) that will assist in the creation of website pages and posts.

Elementor builder
image 5

Install Plugins

In addition to Themes, WordPress offers Free and Premium Plugins for installation on your website. These plugins serve different purpose like security, cache, chat etc.


You can install plugin directly by using search plugins bar (search your plugins using Keyword, Author or Tag) and Click on Install Now button. 

Second option is to use upload plugin button to upload a .zip format plugin file of your choice from outside WordPress. You can add several plugins to your WordPress website but I would recommend not to use too many plugins as it hampers the speed of the website.  

WordPress upload plugin

I hope you might have got an idea about “how to build a WordPress website” from this blog. If you require any assistance then please contact me.

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