5 best free digital marketing courses by Dimaxlor

5 best free digital marketing courses

Digital Marketing Courses

Digital marketing courses are aimed at creating awareness and consideration in the minds of audience. Digital marketing helps in promoting and selling of products or services in the local or global markets through internet. 

Learning digital marketing will help businesses in creating a foundation for growth and stability in online market. Individuals can explore digital marketing for career growth or for setting up their own agency.

5 Best Free Digital Marketing Courses

5 best free digital marketing courses offered by the top e-learning platforms are as below :

Skillshop - Google products online training by Google

Free digital marketing courses

There are several digital marketing courses offered by Google free of cost. Skillshop by Google provides the best e-learning courses that would enrich your digital marketing knowledge. 

Get the know-how and Google certificates through the below e-learning courses:

Main link

Skillshop: For e-learning courses of Google products.

Sub Links

Google Ads: Advertising online.

Google Marketing Platform: Planning, executing, and measuring your ad campaign.

Analytics Academy: Growing business through intelligent data collection and analysis.

Google My Business: Discovering your business profile on Google.

Google Ad Manager: Earning revenue through your ads.

Google AdMob: Growing revenue and inventory through your apps.

Authorized Buyer: Better brand quality and Google partner inventory at scale through submission of your creatives.

Waze: Turning your location into a destination through Waze Ads.

Semrush Academy by SEMRush

Free digital marketing courses

Semrush is an online visibility management and content marketing SaaS platform. Semrush has its academy for sharing know-how with learners.

Main Link

Semrush Academy: For online resources from SEMRush.

Sub links

SEO: Boost SEO through Semrush tools and tips.

Content Marketing: Tailor content marketing strategies through Semrush. 

PPC: Pay Per Click (PPC) fundamentals and automation using PPC tools by Semrush.

SMM: Social Media Marketing (SMM) toolkit and fundamentals. 

Competitive Research: Competitive research and analysis with Semrush.

HubSpot Academy by HubSpot

Free digital marketing courses

Hubspot was founded in 2005 with a focus on Inbound marketing. Its platform HubSpot CRM is known for collaborating marketing, sales, and customer service activities.

Main link

HubSpot Academy: For education on marketing, sales, services, design, and development.

Sub links

Please refer to the below link for HubSpot Academy’s most popular courses:

Popular Courses

Popular courses:

LinkedIn Marketing for Business

Digital Marketing

Digital Advertising

Website Optimization Course

Taking your Business Online with HubSpot

YouTube Marketing Course

Social Media Marketing Certification Course



Inbound Marketing

Content Marketing

Email Marketing

Inbound Sales

There are 431 courses available to choose from marketing, sales, services, design, development, and data privacy.

Digital Marketing Courses by Udemy


Udemy helps organizations of all types and sizes by providing curated collections of business and technical courses. Udemy focuses on learning and sharing knowledge with the world.

Main Link

Udemy Digital Marketing Courses: 48,34,332 learners availed of Udemy’s Digital Marketing courses.

Sub Links

Free Digital Marketing Basics course: Introduction to Digital Marketing, Modules of Digital Marketing and Practical Techniques.

Digital Marketing Associate Certification Course: History, Overview, Channels -Understand and Evaluate.

Digital Marketing Fundamentals with Live Project: Introduction, Channels, Components, Working, and Measurement.

119 free Digital Marketing courses are available on Udemy.

SkillUp - Courses in Digital Marketing by Simplilearn


Simplilearn is the world’s leading certification training provider. Simplilearn provides training and coaching that helps working professionals achieve their career goals.

Main Link

SkillUp by Simplilearn: Focused on building strong foundational skills for career growth.

Sub Links

Digital Marketing 101: Introduction, Fundamental Concepts of Digital Marketing, Customer Lifecycle, Marketing Technology and  Future of Digital Marketing.

Advanced Search Engine Optimization Program: Search Engine Optimization Foundations, Advanced Search Engine Optimization, Advanced Content Marketing, and  Advanced Web Analytics. 

Advanced Social Media Program: Social Media Foundations, Advanced Social Media Marketing, YouTube and Video Marketing, Facebook Marketing and Advertising, Social Media Tools, Advanced Content Marketing, and Advanced Web Analytics.

Advanced Pay Per Click (PPC):  Advanced Par Per Click (PPC).

Digital Marketing for CXOs:  Overview of Digital Marketing Evolution.

There are 28 digital Marketing courses available on SkillUp by Simplilearn.

All the best for your learning and career/entrepreneurial growth. 

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